The Thao and Justin Power Sessions - CD!

The Thao and Justin Power Sessions - CD!

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The Thao and Justin Power Sessions is the Cello Project's second full-length CD. Release on the Kill Rock Stars Record label, it showcases some of the most rockin' and beautiful collaborations the group has done. Four of the songs on this CD are collaborations with indie rocker Thao (of Thao with the Get Down Stay Down); four of the songs are collaborations with Portland singer-songwriter Justin Power; and four of the songs are instrumentals, varying from traditional tangos to Pantera's "Mouth for War".

Track Listing:

1: Beat (Health, Life, and Fire), with Thao

2: Cut the Rope, with Justin Power

3: Geography, with Thao

4: Hungry Liars, with Justin Power (Ashia Grzesik, solo cello)

5: The Lamb, by John Tavener

6: Mouth for War, by Pantera

7: Por Una Cabeza, by Carlos Gardel

8: Seeds May Fall, with Justin Power

9: Tallymarks, with Thao

10: Turkish Wine, by Norfolk and Western

11: Violet, with Thao