Homage to Radiohead CD

Homage to Radiohead CD

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Track Listing

Side A:

  1. Airbag. Featuring Patti King
  2. How to Disappear Completely. Featuring Nafisaria Scroggins-Thomas
  3. Jigsaw Falling Into Place. Featuring Patti King
  4. Karma Police. Featuring Adam Shearer
  5. Paranoid Android. Featuring Skip vonKuske and Farnell Newton.  (Live at Revolution Hall 5/25/18)
  6. No Surprises. Featuring Maiah Wynne
  7. National Anthem. Featuring Skip vonKuske
  8. Exit Music (for a Film). Featuring Adam Shearer. (Live at the Aladdin Theater 9/22/12)

Cover art by Kelly Woessner