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Portland Cello Project perform OK Computer and more...

Program Description

Cello Project presents two, 50-minute sets, with a huge ensemble including a horde of cellos, some element of winds and brass (sometimes hiring local talent to augment), full rhythm section of drums and bass, and guest vocalists and/or solo instrumentalists. (The guest singers vary from show to show based on availability, but always include singers of the highest caliber. Frequent guests include Patti King of The Shins and Adam Shearer of Weinland.)

The second set of the evening is always OK Computer from start to finish, with each song carefully and uniquely arranged, some instrumental, some with vocals, some whisper quiet, and others on as large a scale as possible. Portland Cello Project has been performing this repertoire for the last five years, constantly evolving and maturing their arrangements. 

The first set of the evening is different for every show, with a program determined by promoter feedback about what program will fit their musical community the best and allow for marketing to a large, diverse audience. 

  • On some evenings the first set is just more Radiohead, drawing from the full breadth of their vast catalog (including pieces such as "How to Disappear Completely" and "Jigsaw Falling Into Place").
  • On other evenings the first set is paired with complementary popular music from the Cello Project's repertoire. (For example, the first set could be, instrumental Elliott Smith, or Beck tunes, to create the fun feeling of Beck or Elliott Smith opening for Radiohead.)
  • And in other cases where Radiohead may be less familiar to the community, the opening set is a melange of more traditional classical and jazz that, without any pretense, eases the audience towards the Radiohead spectrum.

Portland Cello Project Presenter Comments 

"The Portland Cello Project always does well for us in Seattle. In fact, I think we could add another concert next time through. The band's imaginative set list and arrangements appeal to all walks of life: the casual listener, the adventurous classical folks, hipsters and the 'heads' out there. Patrons continue to ask about them throughout the season." --Scott Giampino. Triple Door and Benaroya Hall

"Doug and the entire PCP crew are always a joy to work with.  Their thoughtful and carefully crafted sets always leave the audience hungry for more.” --Matt King, Talent Buyer for True West Presents. 

“The Portland Cello Project are the most versatile group I have ever booked.  They can go from covering Rihanna at a down-and-dirty dance party in a rock club to performing a Benjamin Britten piece in an ornate 2000 seat theater with ease, while appealing to audiences of all ages.” --Matthew McLean. Monqui Presents

We have had so many wonderful and positive comments on the show. People really enjoyed Kat and the [Cello Project collaborative] work with Momentum Dance Collective.  Really a great night that hit on so many levels. I can’t thank you enough for all you did to make this happen. It was really a special night. --Jason Hodges. Anchorage Concert Association.

Technical Notes

Tech and hospitality rider as well as stage plot and input list are available upon request.

Cello Project works with some of the finest sound engineers in the Pacific Northwest (and travel with their own FOH and frequently their own monitor tech). As with all Cello Project productions, Portland Cello Project’s production team is happy to work with venues individually in brainstorming ways to make the technical needs of the program fit with the wide variety of technical realities of venues.



More Info

For more information contact Gregg Little at New Frontier Touring:

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