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Portland Cello Project Press Page

Press Contact: 
Angie Carlson

Booking Contacts: 
Gregg Little

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Full group new

Photo Credit: Jason Quigley.

(L-R -- multi-purpose: Lauren Mcshane, Farnell Newton, Diane Chaplin, Kevin Jackson, Tyrone Hendrix, Douglas Jenkins, Skip vonKuske, JP Downer, Sage Coy, Damon Boucher)


Small ensemble with Maiah Wynne

Photo Credit: Jason Quigley.

(L-R -- Multi-purpose: Tyrone Hendrix, Douglas Jenkins, Skip vonKuske, JP Downer, Sage Coy, Lauren McShane, Kevin Jackson, Maiah Wynne)


Prince setup

Photo Credit: Jason Quigley.

(L-R for Purple Reign: Alex Milsted, Collin Oldham, Gideon Freudmann, Diane Chaplin, Sage Coy, Karen Schulz-Harmon, John Whaley, Skip vonKuske, Teagen Andrews, Kyle Molitor, Kevin Jackson, Farnell Newton, Jen Harrison, Douglas Jenkins, JP Downer, Lauren McShane, Tyrone Hendrix, Saeeda Wright, JANE, Damon Boucher)


With Saeeda

Photo Credit: Jason Quigley.

(L-R for Purple Reign: Skip vonKuske, Saeeda Wright, Diane Chaplin)



Cello Project Infinite Variety

Photo Credit: Jason Quigley

(L-R -- Radiohead and Infinite Variety: Karen Schulz-Harmon, Farnell Newton, Skip vonKuske, Sage Coy, Gideon Freudmann, Tyrone Hendrix, Kevin Jackson, Collin Oldham, JP Downer, Lauren McShane, Julian Kosanovic, Diane Chaplin)

Photo Credit: Jason Quigley. (For Pure Cello and OK Computer and More: L-R Karen Schulz-Harmon, Skip vonKuske, Collin Oldham, Kevin Jackson, Gideon Freudmann, Douglas Jenkins, Sage Coy, Julian Kosanovic, Diane Chaplin, Lauren McShane)


Photo credit: Jason Quigley. Photo of Sage Coy.


(Photo credit Tarina Westlund. L-R Kevin Jackson, Gideon Freudmann, Diane Chaplin, Anna Fritz, Douglas Jenkins, Ashia Grzesik, Collin Oldham, Skip vonKuske)

(Photo credit Jason Quigley From Revolution Hall 11/25/2017. For Radiohead and More)


(Photo credit Jason Quigley: L-R Diane Chaplin, Nancy Ives, Justin Kagan, Heather Blackburn, David Eby, Skip vonKuske)


 (Photo credit Jason Quigley: featuring Diane Chaplin)


(For Virtuosi performances. Photo Credit: Jason Quigley. L-R Collin Oldham, Diane Chaplin, Skip vonKuske, Kevin Jackson, Lauren McShane) 

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