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Corona (Responsible, Socially-Distanced, CDC-Compliant) Dance Party

Help if you can...

Many of the Cello Project musicians and crew you know and love depend on 100% of their income from gig-related work and are struggling this month. If you have the means, please help out. We'll cash out 100% of the profit* on any money that comes in to the online shop.

AND we now have all new Cello Tuesdays (A Side Dish for your Tacos) swag (apparel, mugs, tote bags, etc.).

But dance regardless...

But even if you don't have the means, we all need a (socially-distanced) dance party right now, so, totally free-to-stream on this page, we're going to release one of these live recordings every couple of days until there aren't any left.

These are all live recordings from our Revolution Hall shows last December (which were fire). 

Here's a taste of what it looked like...

(Featuring Saeeda Wright, Jane, Tyrone Hendrix, Farnell Newton, Diane Chaplin, Skip vonKuske, Alex Milsted and many others.)

Do share this page as a point of brightness on your socials, and check back every couple of days for a new track until we've filled in all the blanks here. 

Wishing you and yours all our very best. Looking forward to seeing you all from the stage again soon.


And adding the encore:

If you want all of them right now you can get them here:

Live at Rev Hall Immediate MP3 Download

If you want them on limited edition purple vinyl, you can pre-order them here (shipping later in the springtime):

Live at Rev Hall Limited Edition Purple Vinyl Presale

If you want to just contribute money to the musicians and crew from recent Cello Project tours who are struggling the most right from COVID19-related gig cancellations? Here's your link:

And if you are fortunate enough in life that you have the means and you're interested in being a direct patron to one or more of the musicians, let me know and I'll share some info with you and put you directly in contact.

* Never less than 50% on our items, and digital downloads are close to 90% profit (just after clearing cc fees and mechanical royalties if applicable).

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