Thousand Words -- Physical CD!

Thousand Words -- Physical CD!

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Thousand Words is the Cello Project's first all-instrumental record.

Featuring hits such as Gideon Freudmann's Denmark, Skip vonKuske playing Take 5, Ashia Grzesik's Broken Crowns, classical music such as Faure's Requiem, an instrumental cover of Rihanna's Hard, and compositions by Rachel Blumberg.


Track Listing:

1: Denmark, by Gideon Freudmann

2: Halo

3: Broken Crowns (featuring Ashia)

4: Take 5 (featuring Skip vonKuske)

5: Taking a Fall, by Elliott Smith

6: 1516, by Douglas Jenkins

7: The Dream, by Rachel Blumberg:

7a: Tranformation, Death, and Birth

7b: Midday Light, She Travels Through Air Effortlessly

7c: The Dream: Into the Twilight

8: Hard, by Rihanna

9: Elegie, by Gabriel Faure